To contact Jon Ross:

Phone: 423-677-5667


About the Artist


  Art is a talent I've always used, but in 1998 my life changed when doctors discovered that I had auto-immune hepatitis of my liver.  I was the first in my city to be diagnosed with this chronic illness, and being near death, it took me nearly 2 years to begin to function normally once again.  While recovering, art became my venue of expression and purpose.  I left my school being honored as most artistic and receiving Kingsport, Tennessee’s only art scholarship.  I attended a Christian college, Harding University, because of my conviction that the beginning of all knowledge is fear of the Lord.  At Harding, I was awarded another art scholarship.  I earned my B.F.A. (Bachelors degree of Fine Art). 

  Since my first live painting in 2004, my career as an artist led me throughout Europe, Africa, and across the United States numerous times.  While on vacation during July of 2007, I met my fiancé at Sunday morning Church service at Panama City. 

  Currently, I hold a 9-5 design job for Bernard K. Passman galleries and make use of every minute finding time to paint, travel, produce films, keep up my website, and occasionally, have some rest and relaxation.